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The Theory of the Leisure Class

The reason to show off the wealth

Thorstein B. Veblen

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The Theory of the Leisure Class

The Theory of the Leisure Class Summary

Hi, welcome to Bookey. Today we will unlock the book THE THEORY OF THE LEISURE CLASS.

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The Theory of the Leisure Class provides an answer to this question: the reason purebreds are so expensive is that they are a product of the leisure class. The leisure class does not care about their money, and it can even be said that their pleasure is greatly based on their extravagance. You might be wondering how this is possible. What is wrong with these people? The explanation can be found in the following Bookey.

Veblen published THE THEORY OF THE LEISURE CLASS in 1899 when he was 42 years old. This book is his first and most important work. For over a hundred years after Adam Smith's the Wealth of Nations was published, most studies related to economics have not made breakthroughs and progress. Suddenly, The Theory of the Leisure Class was introduced. It immediately became one of the most popular books at that time and was a must-have for intellectuals. This book also helped to establish Veblen's place in the history of economic theory and allowed him to be known as “the father of institutional economics” and the “great master of economics”.

In this book, Veblen analyzed the relationship between consumer behavior and psychology and explained how the rich became a part of our society. To demonstrate the life status of the capitalists, Veblen introduced a new concept: the leisure class. He was thus able to reveal the leisure status of the upper class to the public.

Let us now go through the key points of THE THEORY OF THE LEISURE CLASS by breaking them down in to four different parts.

The first part deals with the origin of the leisure class.

The second part deconstructs the major characteristics of the leisure class.

The third part exposes how the leisure class lives.

The fourth part uncovers why the leisure class exists as a deeply rooted part of our history.

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