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The Hard Thing About Hard Things

Building a business when there are no easy answers

Ben Horowitz

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The Hard Thing About Hard Things

The Hard Thing About Hard Things Summary

Hi, welcome to Bookey. Today we will unlock the book: The Hard Thing About Hard Things: Building a Business When There Are No Easy Answers. When people mention entrepreneurial companies, they think about how managers devote themselves to the production of good products, the construction of various administrative systems, and the grounding of strategies and ideas every day. At the same time, entrepreneurial companies also contain many uncertainties and will run into all kinds of difficulties and challenges. Administrators of most entrepreneurial companies also face adversity and deal with crises frequently. If you are an entrepreneur, you might have had this experience: after working night and day to make your vision a reality, you wake up to find that your company does not resemble Jack Dorsey’s keynote that originally inspired you. Instead, your product has issues that will be very hard to fix, the market isn’t quite where it was supposed to be, your employees are losing confidence and some of them have even quit. Most importantly, you are running low on cash. So, you will look for help in various places or turn to experienced, successful people. However, these resources are not always available to every entrepreneur. So, you walk into a bookstore and seek wisdom from books. But most management books on the market tell us how to accomplish things and solve issues with systems and formulas. For example, how to set goals, how to hire talented people, or how to design organizational structures. However, most entrepreneurial companies are facing complicated and changing situations. During this process, there is no unified standard or formula to follow. It can even be said that entrepreneurship is about fighting with uncertainties on every front. So, how do entrepreneurial companies survive and overcome their difficulties? The Hard Thing About Hard Things will answer this question. Like most books on entrepreneurship, it will tell you how to do the right thing, and avoid screwing things up. It will also tell you what you should do when things are already falling apart. The author of this book, Ben Horowitz, is one of the earliest pioneers of the internet in Silicon Valley, and one of the fifty best angel investors in Silicon Valley. Mark Zuckerberg described him as a mentor on management for young entrepreneurs in the Valley. He not only brought Loudcloud (Opsware) back to life several times, but also sold it to HP for a price of 1.6 billion dollars. He also turned Andreessen Horowitz in to one of the top venture capital firms of Silicon Valley within three years. Now, let us unlock this book in three parts: Part 1: How to keep going when things fall apart Part 2: How to manage things to keep them on track Part 3: How to lead even when you don’t know where you are going

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