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Jerusalem: The Biography

How could it cause thousands of years of conflicts and change the world?

Simon Montefiore

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Jerusalem: The Biography

Jerusalem: The Biography Summary

Hi, welcome to bookey. Today we will unlock the book "Jerusalem: The Biography". Since the founding of Jerusalem over three thousand years ago, wars and conflicts have never stopped there. Many of us have the impression that the city is full of religious conflicts, battles for resources, and terrorist attacks. It is as if any tiny conflict could accidentally detonate the city.

They say that Jerusalem is the only city where Heaven and Earth coexist.

Those who admire Jerusalem regard it as Heaven, and it is their lifetime dream to go there. For them, to die during a pilgrimage, or to be buried around the Temple Mount would be the ultimate honor. The Talmud writes, “Ten measures of beauty descended to the world; nine were taken by Jerusalem.”

Those who hate the city say, "This city reminds me of death." To many non-religious people, the city is full of paranoia and superstition. Many sacred sites and even houses are located around graves. It is a city of death, as the local customs have a special affection for corpse and spirituality. Even the livings wait for their resurrection like the dead. Too many stories, neither true nor false, take place in this magical city. Some historians say, if fictional stories were to be taken away, Jerusalem would have nothing left. In our book today, "Jerusalem: The Biography," the author pours in all he has got to tell us about the stories of Jerusalem.

The author, Simon Montefiore, is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature. He studied history at the University of Cambridge. His works have been translated into 35 languages and are bestselling in many countries. He has won many important awards, such as the Costa Book Award for Biography in Britain, the Los Angeles Times Book Prize for Best Biography in the United States, and the Grand Prix of Political Biography in France. The author has a strong connection with Jerusalem ever since he was a child. His great-grandfather built the first Jewish residential area outside the old city of Jerusalem. Simon Montefiore also hosted a documentary called “Jerusalem: The Making of a Holy City.” While writing this book, he went many times to the heart of Jerusalem, consulting numerous sources to explore the truth of history. As the author puts it, "Jerusalem is my family motto."

After its release, the book attracted a lot of attention and received many favorable reviews. Former U.S. President Bill Clinton said, "You cannot help but fall in love with this city. It is a great treasure. And this book is worth reading again and again." Former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger said, Simon Montefiore “masterful research and his gift for bringing it all to life make this fascinating work a treasure-trove for scholars and laymen alike.” Let us now go through the book "Jerusalem: the Biography" in the following order.

The First Part: Jewish Holy Land

The Second Part: Christian Holy Land

The Third Part: Islamic Holy Land

The Fourth Part: Crusades

The Fifth Part: Zionism

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