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    Association for Political History | Political history

    As such, they started to unearth a plethora of political imaginaries of the ideals, this book traces a transnational, European exchange of models, routines and 

    The Return of History: Postmodernism and the Politics of - Jstor

    The objective historian's role is that of a neutral, or disinterested judge.' For all the changes that had gone on prior to 1988, 'older usages remain powerful, and 

    Political History: An Exchange | Perspectives on History | AHA

    Political History: An Exchange. Marc Stein; Fredrik Logevall and Kenneth Osgood | Jan 3, 2017. Editor's note: The New York Times Opinion Pages sent shock 

    "History Is Past Politics"? - jstor

    foremost a return to the very foundations of modern historical practice. In the early . 1880s, Herbert Baxter Adams, as historian Bonnie G. Smith reminds us, 

    'Apollo's Legacy': Space Historian Talks Lunar Science, Politics

    14 May 2019 Historian Talks Lunar Science, Politics — and a Return to the Moon by space historian Roger Launius, out today, is written for scholars, but 

    Critical Exchange on Silence in Politics | Theo Jung

    5 Jul 2019 I published a Critical Exchange in the journal Contemporary Political Theory titled The Nature of Silence and Its Democratic Possibilities It 

    Colonial Exchanges: Political Theory and the Agency of the

    Colonial Exchanges: Political Theory and the Agency of the Colonized. examination of Marxist historicism in the work of Moroccan historian Abdullah Laroui, 

    Social history - Wikipedia

    Social history, often called the new social history, is a field of history that looks at the lived Social history was contrasted with political history, intellectual history and the English historian G. M. Trevelyan saw it as the bridging point between of labor, productivity and economic growth, and rates of return on investment in  

    History, Memory and Forgetting: Political Impliions

    The politics of just memory with regard to crimes committed in the past, a debate of contextualizing historical narratives was the German historian Reinhart Koselleck. This explains the nightmares that repeatedly return, leaving individuals 

    Politics of the past - Socialists Democrats

    Bronisław Geremek, historian, former political dissident and our dear colleague We are all witness of an unprecedented return of history. Newly independent 

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